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Ulster Cyclo-Cross - Information on Races

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A guide to the format of the Ulster race programme is as follows.  See individual rounds for more details.


Start Time
09:15 Sign on opens
10:15 Under 6 fun race
Under 8
10:45 Under 10
Under 12
Prize giving for U8, U10 and U12
Official practice until 11:50
12:00 Cyclo-cross B' race (men)
12:01 MTB support race (men) - maximum 25 riders
13:00 Under 16 boys
Under 14 boys
Cyclo-cross women & MTB support (women) & U16 girls & U14 girls
14:15 Cyclo-cross A' race (men)
Prize giving

NOTE: As per the 2015 season there will be two cyclo-cross races for males, the A' race and the B' race.  
The A' race will have the usual categories, Senior males, Junior males, Espoir (U23) males, M40 males, M50 males.

The B' race is the "fun race".  It is for males only and is aimed at novices/beginners and those riders who would finish over 2 laps or more behind the winners of the A' race.
There will be minor prizes for the top 3 men.
To ensure that the B' race remains for this group, any rider who finishes in the top 3 of a B' race cannot enter another B' race for the rest of the series!  
Therefore, for all rounds, all podium riders in the B' race will automatically be upgraded to the A' race.
(Riders who rode in the A' race last season can take part in the B' race this season if they feel their form is not where it was last year)

Parents NOTE: - The Under 6s race is just for fun.  It is an introduction to off-road racing.  There are no winners, no podium, no medals.  It is all about the achievement of starting and finishing. If you child can complete the course with ease and is ready for the next challenge please have them try the Under 8s race instead. There is no lower age limit on the Under 8s race.

TEAM PRIZE - For 2016/17 we are introducing a Team Prize for the Cyclo-cross A' race (men).  Terms are made up of at least 3 riders from the same club.  The first 3 man team to finish wins a small cash prize i.e. when the 3rd rider in that team crosses the line.  Teams can be made up of riders who are juniors, Espoir, M40 or M50.


For the cyclo-cross season the following rule has been amended for 2014 onwards

"1. Irrespective of the category designated on a riders licence, for the Cyclo Cross season riders shall compete in the category they would be allocated from 1st January in the following year."

Which means that a rider who turned or is turning 16 in 2016 will need to ride as a junior for the 2016/2017 cyclo-cross season.

Seniors - those born 1998 or earlier
Juniors - those born 1999 or 2000
Under 16s - those born 2001 or 2002
Under 14s - those born 2003 or 2004
Under 12s - those born 2005 or 2006
Under 10s - those born 2007 or 2008
Under 8s - those born 2009, 2010 etc

Round 1 will not be gridded.
After Round 1 the races will be gridded based on results which will be compiled into a series table.  
Riders will not be gridded if they have not pre-registered.