Irish National Cyclo-cross Championships 2016
Hosted by Dromara Cycling Club at Tollymore Forest Park
List of entries as of 03-01-2016 @ 23:00 - updated 08-01-2016 @ 23:10
Stage Number Name Club Name Booking Status UCI Licence Number
Junior Men 80 Adam Duff Xmtb McConvey Cycles Paid IRL19990304 16JR0044
Junior Men 81 Calvin Moore Caldwell Cycles Omagh Paid IRL19980401 16JR0046
Junior Men 82 Cameron McIntyre NRPT Paid IRL19981226 16JR0075
Junior Men 83 Ciaran Leech Clonard RC Paid IRL19980812 16JR0058
Junior Men 84 Conor Leech Clonard RC Paid IRL19980812 16JR0059
Junior Men 85 David Conroy Scott Paid IRL19981003 16JR0053
Junior Men 86 Jb Murphy Murphy Surveys Kilcullen CC Paid IRL19991022 16JR0038
Junior Men 87 John Buller Banbridge CC Paid IRL19990204 16JR0013
Junior Men 88 Matthew McAllister Island Wheelers Paid IRL19990309 16JR0033
Junior Men 89 Peter Davison Dromara Cycling Club Paid IRL19980503 16JR0052
Stage Number Name Club Name Booking Status UCI Licence Number
M40 101 Aaron O'Donohue South Dublin CC Paid IRL19740829 16LC0711
M40 102 Alan Cullen Park Wheelers Paid IRL19750206 16LC0563
M40 103 Anthony Doyle STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing Team Paid IRL19740114 16A10023
M40 104 Barry Convery Newry Wheelers CC Paid IRL19750103 16A30225
M40 105 Brendan Doherty VC Glendale Paid IRL19690616 16A30122
M40 106 Brian Kellett Lakeland Paid IRL19751208 16A40055
M40 108 Brian Wilson Dromara Cycling Club Paid IRL19700202 16LC0587
M40 109 Cathal Smyth Phoenix CC Paid IRL19720306 16A10009
M40 110 Colm McGarvey EPIC MTB / Expert Cycles Paid IRL19730314 16A30230
M40 111 Colm Watson VC Glendale Paid IRL19700215 16A30229
M40 112 Conor McGrane Velo Club Balrothery Paid IRL19701214 16A40202
M40 113 Crónán Ó Doibhlin Velo Cafe Magasin Paid IRL19680627 16A30235
M40 114 David Maher Orwell Wheelers CC Issue IRL19690805 16A30129
M40 115 David Wright Phoenix CC Paid IRL19750122 16A40065
M40 116 Don Travers Banbridge CC Paid IRL19741126 16A40424
M40 117 Ed Boyle Phoenix CC Paid IRL19710904 16A30339
M40 118 Gary Sheils Newry Wheelers CC Paid IRL19730119 16A20003
M40 120 Gerry McCabe Cuchulainn CC Paid IRL19670405 16A30218
M40 121 Gordon Brennan Cycleways CC Paid IRL19741031 16LC0478
M40 122 Hugh McMahon STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing Team Paid IRL19730426 16A20042
M40 123 Jason Henry Un-Attached Ulster Paid IRL19720424 16A10027
M40 124 Jerry Ryan Upperchurch Drombane Cycling Paid IRL19690620 16A30007
M40 125 Joe Henry Velo Cafe Magasin Paid IRL19740212 16A20012
M40 126 John McEnteggart TC Racing Paid IRL19731025 16A40493
M40 127 John Walker Murphy Surveys Kilcullen CC Paid IRL19761119 16A40208
M40 128 Marcus Cromie Shimna Wheelers Cycling Club Paid IRL19711208 16LC0562
M40 129 Mark Kendall Banbridge CC Paid IRL19750825 16A40126
M40 130 Mark Kenny Un-Attached Leinster Paid IRL19680810 16A30236
M40 131 Mark Kidd Fixx Rouleurs Paid IRL19691221 16A30241
M40 132 Mark McKissock Ratoath Wheelers Road Cycling Club Paid IRL19691210 16A40094
M40 133 Matt Mc Laughlin Phoenix CC Paid IRL19740212 16A30010
M40 134 Michael Cowan Chain Reaction Cycles Paid IRL19760904 16A40306
M40 135 Michael Donoghue McNally Swords CC Paid IRL19721126 16A40373
M40 136 Michael Grimes Team WORC Paid IRL19681007 16A40448
M40 137 Michael Havern Newry Wheelers CC Paid IRL19760719 16A40433
M40 138 Paul Dunne Ballina Cycling Club Paid IRL19710411 16A30279
M40 139 Paul Durnin McNally Swords CC Paid IRL19720112 16A30135
M40 140 Peter Morrison Velo Cafe Magasin Paid IRL19751023 16A20044
M40 141 Peter Sharkey Stamullen M Donnelly RC Paid IRL19690726 16A30293
M40 142 Philip O'Neill Phoenix CC Paid IRL19741106 16A30183
M40 143 Ray Murphy TC Racing Paid IRL19741026 16A30147
M40 144 Richard Cahill Moynalty Cycling Club Paid IRL19681228 16A40492
M40 145 Richard Close Scott Paid IRL19720615 16A30244
M40 146 Richard Cowan Dromara Cycling Club Paid IRL19760404 16A30254
M40 147 Robert Talbot Harps CC Paid IRL19731022 16A30175
M40 148 Robin Seymour Team WORC Paid IRL19710406 16A10021
M40 149 Scott Maitland Killinchy CC Paid IRL19740912 16A40385
M40 150 Seán Maguire VC Glendale Paid IRL19671216 16A40322
M40 151 Stephen Moffitt Phoenix CC Paid IRL19670403 16A30035
M40 152 Stephen Pollock Team Giant Dublin Paid IRL19760815 16A30247
M40 153 Tadhg DeBarra Un-Attached Leinster Paid IRL19750726 16A40451
M40 154 Vinnie Fitzsimon Team Worc Paid IRL19690615 tbc
Stage Number Name Club Name Booking Status UCI Licence Number
M50+ 160 Aidan Lafferty Island Wheelers Paid IRL19640717 16LC0333
M50+ 161 Aiden McDonald Cuchulainn CC Paid IRL19650707 16A40466
M50+ 162 Allen Slevin Garda Cycling Club Paid IRL19660815 16A30321
M50+ 163 Christopher McCann Banbridge CC Paid IRL19600719 16LC0529
M50+ 164 David Lawless Team WORC Paid IRL19630527 16A30189
M50+ 165 Deon McNeilly Shimna Wheelers Cycling Club Paid IRL19621105 16LC0405
M50+ 166 Des Woods Newry Wheelers CC Paid IRL19661011 16A10013
M50+ 167 Domonick Hegarty Un-Attached Leinster Paid IRL19660818 16LC0604
M50+ 168 Eamon McConvey Xmtb McConvey Cycles Paid IRL19591026 16A30223
M50+ 169 Eamon McConvey Newry Wheelers CC Paid IRL19610520 16LC0684
M50+ 170 Enda Murray Moynalty Cycling Club Paid IRL19660702 16A30158
M50+ 171 Fred Macsorley Apollo CT Paid IRL19531108 16LC0781
M50+ 172 Henry Oneill Newry Wheelers CC Paid IRL19651227 16LC0596
M50+ 173 Ian Cochrane Banbridge CC Paid IRL19600116 16A40091
M50+ 174 John Bogues Phoenix CC Paid IRL19630116 16A30173
M50+ 175 Johnny McCabe Cuchulainn CC Paid IRL19590608 16A30196
M50+ 176 Mark Murphy Bray Wheelers Paid IRL19650708 16A30153
M50+ 177 Michael Barton Dromara Cycling Club Paid IRL19521223 16A40358
M50+ 178 Micheal Corkery De Ronde Van Cork CC Paid IRL19630803 16A30226
M50+ 179 Paul Birchall Revolution Cycling Club Paid IRL19620702 16LC0447
M50+ 180 Paul Mawhirt Dromara Cycling Club Paid IRL19660919 16LC0678
M50+ 181 Paul Watson Dromara Cycling Club Paid IRL19640330 16LC0621
M50+ 182 Peter Buggle Un-Attached Leinster Paid IRL19620505 16A30273
M50+ 183 Peter McConville Newry Wheelers CC Paid IRL19651010 16A30026
M50+ 184 Robert Davison Dromara Cycling Club Paid IRL19640910 16LC0539
M50+ 185 Robert Kehoe Fixx Rouleurs Paid IRL19640413 16A30105
M50+ 186 Roy Burnside Island Wheelers Paid IRL19610618 16LC0479
M50+ 187 Stephen Nugent Dromara Cycling Club Paid IRL19591124 16LC0458
M50+ 188 Teddy Otto Velo Club Balrothery Paid IRL19650117 16A40450
M50+ 189 Terence O Neill EPIC MTB / Expert Cycles Paid IRL19540902 16LC0325
M50+ 190 Tom Clogher TC Racing Paid IRL19541013 16A30243
M50+ 191 William Forsythe Banbridge CC Paid IRL19590512 16LC0296
Stage Number Name Club Name Booking Status UCI Licence Number
Senior 15 David Montgomery An Post Chain Reaction Paid IRL19950627 16A+0003
Senior 20 Dominic Mc Cartan Apollo CC Paid IRL19791013 16A20038
Senior 43 Roger Aiken Asea Wheelworx Paid IRL19810519 16A10020
Senior 7 Bernard Twomey Ballina Cycling Club Paid IRL19750730 16LC0506
Senior 24 Gareth McKee Banbridge CC Paid IRL19880611 16A10028
Senior 29 James Curry Banbridge CC Paid IRL19971230 16A30160
Senior 36 Niall Davis Paid IRL19850224 16LC0712
Senior 13 Darren O'Toole Bray Wheelers Paid IRL19850622 16A30260
Senior 49 Sean O'Tuathail Bray Wheelers Paid IRL19770219 16A30249
Senior 12 Darnell Moore Caldwell Cycles Omagh Paid IRL19960827 16A10029
Senior 37 Nigel Gibson Carn Wheelers Paid IRL19791214 16A40350
Senior 2 Aaron Parks CCT Paid IRL19790922 16A30029
Senior 52 Stephen Hutchinson CCT Paid IRL19760510 16A20006
Senior 9 Christopher McGlinchey Chain Reaction Cycles Paid IRL19940331 16A10043
Senior 11 Daniel Morrogh Cycleways CC Paid IRL19790319 16A20056
Senior 6 Barry Kellett Dromara Cycling Club Paid IRL19800313 16LC0244
Senior 27 Graham Smyth Dromara Cycling Club Paid IRL19810306 16LC0158
Senior 35 Nathan Mullan Dromara Cycling Club Paid IRL19931108 16A20015
Senior 53 Tadgh Kelly Dublin Wheelers Paid IRL19760326 16A30234
Senior 18 David Vavasour Fixx Rouleurs Paid IRL19780614 16A40470
Senior 31 John Mahon Fixx Rouleurs Paid IRL19780225 16A30335
Senior 44 Ronan McLaughlin Foyle CC Paid IRL19870311 16A10024
Senior 42 Robert Tobin IMBRC Paid IRL19780526 16A40532
Senior 50 Sean Scullion Island Wheelers Paid IRL19780515 16A40246
Senior 19 Derek Finnegan Keevan CC Paid IRL19791012 16A10046
Senior 46 Ross Galway Killinchy Cycling Club Paid IRL19820323 16LC0045
Senior 5 Andrew Patton Kinning Cycles Paid IRL19910526 16A40327
Senior 25 Glenn Kinning Kinning Cycles Paid IRL19831215 16A10031
Senior 16 David O'Neill McNally Swords CC Paid IRL19790218 16LC0555
Senior 28 Hugh Gallagher Naas Cycling Club Paid IRL19780101 16A30186
Senior 33 Lewis Ferguson North Down CC Paid IRL19850729 16A20058
Senior 45 Ronan O'Flynn Orwell Wheelers CC Paid IRL19800121 16A20066
Senior 21 Eoin Ahern Orwell Wheelers CC Paid IRL19880319 16A40209
Senior 22 Eric Downey Orwell Wheelers CC Paid IRL19860319 16LC0538
Senior 4 Alex Donald Phoenix CC Paid IRL19781110 16A10005
Senior 10 Craig Rea Phoenix CC Paid IRL19940316 16A10019
Senior 14 David Maitland Phoenix CC Paid IRL19791228 16LC0269
Senior 34 Luke Ireland Phoenix CC Paid IRL19821227 16A30250
Senior 23 Gareth Hegarty Scott Donnybrook Landscape Co. Paid IRL19970522 16A30354
Senior 17 David Vaughan Scott Paid IRL19781207 16A20062
Senior 48 Sean Feeney Scott Paid IRL19940105 16A20063
Senior 51 Stephen Cunningham Shimna Wheelers Cycling Club Paid IRL19770422 16A30116
Senior 30 James Lattimore South Dublin CC Paid IRL19840323 16A30270
Senior 41 Richard Barry St. Finbarrs CC Issue IRL19880222 16A20040
Senior 39 Paul Norton STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing Team Paid IRL19830920 16A30355
Senior 3 Alan Clogher TC Racing Paid IRL19780110 16A20019
Senior 32 Jonathan Boyle TC Racing Paid IRL19790925 16A30015
Senior 38 Paul Caldwell Team Giant Dublin Paid IRL19860101 16LC0519
Senior 40 Paul O'Reilly UCD Cycling Club Paid IRL19900805 16A10052
Senior 47 Scott Fitzgerald Unattached Paid IRL19770216 New
Senior 8 Billy Purcell Usher Irish Road Club Paid IRL19800328 16A30162
Senior 26 Graham Boyd Xmtb McConvey Cycles Paid IRL19890316 16A30197
Stage Number Name Club Name Booking Status UCI Licence Number
Women 202 Alwynne Shannon Newry Wheelers CC Paid IRL19610618 16A40201
Women 203 Beth McCluskey Un-Attached Leinster Paid IRL19710727 16A30215
Women 204 Breda Horan Orwell Wheelers CC Paid IRL19850421 16A40310
Women 205 Bridget Boyle TC Racing Paid IRL19820310 16LC0023
Women 206 Claire Oakley Chain Reaction Cycles Paid IRL19930510 16A40272
Women 207 Diane Wilson Dromara Cycling Club Paid IRL19690312 16LC0586
Women 208 Elizabeth Dunne Phoenix CC Paid IRL19760902 16A40455
Women 209 Emily Birchall NRPT Paid IRL19981030 16JR0049
Women 210 Emma Convey Orwell Wheelers CC Paid IRL19730717 16A40192
Women 211 Julie Rea Phoenix CC Paid IRL19680112 16A40144
Women 212 Kathryn Aiken Un-Attached Ulster Paid IRL19761115 16LC0541
Women 213 Maeve O'Grady Cycleways CC Paid IRL19790506 16LC0572
Women 214 Mairead McCrory  Carn Wheelers Paid IRL19850620 16A40434
Women 215 Maria Larkin Chicago Cutting Crew Paid IRL19870916 306811
Women 216 Martina Hawkins Shimna Wheelers Cycling Club Paid IRL19710131 16LC0087
Women 217 Mary Brady TC Racing Paid IRL19830730 16LC0013
Women 218 Mary Dawson Bray Wheelers Paid IRL19720205 16A40459
Women 219 Michelle Geoghegan Un-Attached Leinster Paid IRL19820621 16A30088
Women 220 Orla Hendron Orwell Wheelers CC Paid IRL19631006 16A30275
Women 221 Shannon Buller Banbridge CC Paid IRL19980121 16JR0014
Women 222 Shauna McFadden  Errigal CC Paid IRL19991130 16JR0088
Women 223 Trudy Brown VC Glendale Paid IRL19700519 16A30209
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